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The posts about computer science are aimed at sharing and recording the knowledge I accumulated during studying and researching.
Almost all posts in Life and Learning category were wrote in Chinese.
I want to reorganize and record my thoughts on daily life and learning
Of course, I will feel happy if anyone thinks these articles are also interesting or helpful for them.

The first post of this blog was posted on wordpress.com in May 2014.
However, I didn’t write anything more until 2016.
I knew wordpress.com is inaccessible in China mainland at first.
I thought it’s ok since I planned to only post technical articles, and all of them will be wrote in English.

Entered 2016, I start to know some friends(Sooyeon, evi) are keeping writing blogs, which encouraged me a lot to restart updating this blog, so several technical articles were posted, and I also wrote some Chinese articles.
Then I realized the fact that I have to move this blog to somewhere is accessible in China.

I researched several famous blog hosting websites.
Actually, there are few companies are still supporting their blog service.
Famous American websites, like Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress, aren’t ‘exist’ in China.
In Korea, there is a very popular blog website ‘Naver Blog’, but it only provides Korean interface.
Domestic services like Jinshu and Lofter(NetEasy) look likes good and many people are using them.
However, both of them doesn’t support highlighting codes and much customization.

Finally, I made the decision to build my own blog website.
Building a website unavoidably lead you into the swamp of tiny technical problems, which is contrary to my original intention, which is concentrating on the contents.

But I have no choice.

Recently (Sep, 2016), I eventually spend several hours on moving my blog here from former website posuer000.wordpress.com.
(Thanks for the server provided by evi)
I also feel excited to start using my own domain:

Say goodbye to October,
Give myself a new start.

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这个博客的技术类文章主要是想 分享和记录学习研究过程中积累的知识 而Life and Learning分类的文章 主要是写给自己看 整理自己的想法,做一些记录 如果别人读到感觉有用或者有意思话也会很开心   这个博客第一篇文章2014年5月就在wordpress.com发布了 ... Read more

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最近中国的媒体和网络舆论均集中于杨永信电击疗法和其合法问题。我认为这个现状在暴露中国人权保护法律缺失的同时,也暴露了数字鸿沟问题下“落后区域的青少年对网路的低效率使用问题”以及“父母对网络的误解问题”。城乡数字鸿沟问题不仅体现在互联网的覆盖率上,也体现在人们对网络的使用目的上。较为发达的地区青少年会受到更多相关教育,懂得通过互联网高效学习,获取信息。 而较落后区域的青少年则因为缺乏相关教育,更多地使用互联网进行玩游戏,看视频等娱乐活动,并最终因为网络影响学业。而这些青少年的父母则更缺乏接触网络的机会,因为很难对互联网形成客观全面的认识,并因为网络对儿女的学业和生活的消极影响,从而对网络产生了非常消极的认识。在较为极端的情况下,就出现了将儿女送入网络成瘾戒治中心接受电击“治疗”的结果。 English Version: The digital divide Behind the patients ... Read more

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